Replacement Watch Straps

Pictured: (From left to right)

White PU strap £4.95

Black PU strap £4.95

Black PU strap £4.95

Velcro safety strap £4.95

NATO style Nylon safety strap £4.95

An extra long NATO style Nylon strap £5.95

(A safety strap gives extra security if one retaining pin is sheered accidentally the watch should still be secured by the other)

4 Finest Leather, pebble grain straps with Nubuck lining and forged stainless steel buckles available in Tan, Mahogany, Green or Black. @ £14.95 each

All Straps are 20mm i.e. to fit cases that are 20mm between case lugs.


We have designed two styles of quickly and easily fitted straps for all the Tidemaster_ range:- either the Safety webbing strap or the newer Hook and Loop Velcro band. Both designs are safety straps in that if one retaining pin is accidentally sheered the watch will still be retained and saved by the other pin. Both straps can be fitted by cutting off the time served strap without disturbing the pins. The safety webbing strap may be ordered in extra length to allow strapping over a wetsuit sleeve or oilskin or other protective clothing. The Velcro comes is extra length as standard.


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