Tidal Predictions

For many years clocks have existed with a hand supposed to show the state of the tide. These suffer from two considerable defects. They can only be set up for one location and resetting for another place is complicated and laborious and secondly they are only accurate twice in a lunar cycle. During the rest of the fortnight these simple time pieces, based on lunar time, will be up to an hour and a half wrong which can be downright dangerous if, as a result you strand on a sand bank in deteriorating weather.

Having invented the first ever tidal monitoring watch over nearly four decades ago our concern was, and remains, to provide a measure of tidal activity that is accurate and flexible, bearing in mind that the daily increment between tides at Springs and Neaps can more than quadruple.

Also if making any sort of passage the tide times at one’s point of arrival will invariably be quite different from one’s point of departure.

To accommodate these essential features our unique registered design Tidal Monitoring bezel needs to be set daily and reset whilst on passage from local radio broadcasts or readily available tide tables for the actual locality of operation or from the newer computer programmes now produced or, as is traditional, calculated from an Almanac.

©  The Tide Bezel once set constantly monitors the tidal state for the locality and shows the time to High or Low water;  the tidal flow and tidal height, based on the twelfth scale and with navigational accuracy.


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