Tacticel Features

Every once in a while different lines of development come together to produce a spectacular advance; as with this watch.

The highly legible TIDAL MONITORING BEZEL© based on our well proven registered design shows High and Low water, tidal heights based on the twelfths and tidal flow.

TIME OF DAY is shown to Chronometer accuracy by concentric, distinctively different, luminised hour and minute hands with a red sweep second hand against a large clear dial. Clear Arabic numerals mark the hours.

The extra large and clear daylight “Indigo” DIGITAL DISPLAY is achieved by a curved format. In master time it displays either the month, the date and the days of the week, with a ‘smart’ calendar adjusting to different days in the months and leap years, or optionally, selected by a push of a button, the first of two digital time zones reading out in 12 or 24 hour format to choice.

The next function is an optional 24 hour reveille ALARM, settable to the Minute and an hourly log reading alarm option. These settings may be swithched to the second digital time zone when crossing the channel or otherwise changing time zones without altering the settings.

Next is a 24 hour COUNT DOWN TIMER that may be set from one minute upwards. This can either act as a second 24 hour alarm or be used to count down to an expected landfall, sounding, light loom, way point, or for racing starts of any configuration, with a strong acoustic alarm at the end of the count down.

A CHRONOGRAPH mode follows with 100th second stopwatch to time occulting or flashing lights and sound signals, running fixes and similar Pilotage needs, or set as a 24 hour deckwatch it will freeze and illuminate sight times until notated. Digital presentation minimizes transcription errors when noting down in identical format.

The final function is the SECOND DIGITAL TIME zone – the third including the analogue.

The case has a guaranteed working depth of 25 fathoms, 150 feet.

©  Copyright 

Copyright is claimed by Yachting Instruments Limited in the designs of the tide bezels and tidal range scales for the watches described above and illustrated. No unauthorised copies may be made of these designs and the Company reserves the right to take action for copyright infringement against anybody whom it is infringing copyright.

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